Jonas Ganzemuller Quartet

The Jonas Ganzemuller Quartet features Nick Paul (p), Jeff Koch (b) and Bastian Weinhold (dr). Please go to the "Music" section for streaming audio or click the link below for a video.

Manhattan Experiment

It is like an explosive compound when Jonas Ganzemuller and the brothers Nils (g) and Bastian Weinhold (dr) - a truly well-rehearsed trio - meet these two rising stars from New York: Adam Larson (ts) and Taylor Waugh (b). After a very successful Summer tour in 2010 the band is looking forward to future tours and a new CD on the MSP Records label.
Please click below to get to the Manhattan Experiment Website or see a video of a live performance.

Old York Duo/Trio

The duo first started performing in Amsterdam. Since his departure to New York, Jonas Ganzemuller meets Jakob Rheinlaender (b) regularly for concerts in Europe to revive their friendship, love for their old hometown Amsterdam, and to engage in profoundly joyful musical conversations.
The band also appears together with Bulgarian-born and Amsterdam-based drum wizard Bobby Petrov as the "Old York Trio".
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Endangered Species

Endangered Species is a fusion group that was founded in Amsterdam. This band uniquely offers a mix of complex arrangements, groovy rhythms, and lyrical melodies.
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